“Articles of Association of The Town of Geyserville” dated April 4, 1983

Geyserville Planning Committee Community Survey Results and Presentation;



Mission Statement, 2017 Update

The Mission of the Geyserville Planning Committee (GPC) is to facilitate communication between the County and local residents, businesses, and the general public on local planning and land use decisions affecting the unincorporated Town of Geyserville. The GPC will advise County agencies regarding issues concerning community development and other matters relevant to the Town. Define, initiate and implement local improvement projects.

GPC 2018 Goals

January 02, 2018

  • Continue to maintain an effective GPC communication platform for the Geyserville community through the GPC website, mailers, agendas, monthly meetings, meeting minutes, surveys and organized community action groups.
  • Actively participate in the development of the Geyserville Community Plan and County General Plan 2040 in coordination with the County PRMD.
  • Develop and continue working relationship with PRMD Planning staff.

GPC Boundaries (Unified School District)


Committee Members

Daisy Damskey married after finishing her Graduate studies at UC Davis. She and her husband Kerry Damskey work together and are known for brand building, strategic planning and winemaking. Daisy’s professional experience ranges from positions throughout the non-profit world to building wine brands like Chalk Hill. Extensive experience in community building and development. Consultancy for the California Department of Education. In 1999, Daisy and Kerry founded Palmeri winery. They have lived and worked in Geyserville for 39 years.

Paul Connors has lived in Geyserville since 2012. He has been in the kitchen design business for the past 16 years working closely with architects, contractors, and designers. A graduate of Villanova University, he holds the position of Vice President of the Geyserville Planning Committee.

Walter Kieser grew up in Sonoma County and began his career here working on the County’s first General Plan during the 1970s. He has recently relocated to Geyserville to his new home on Geyser Vista Lane. Mr. Kieser is the founder and presently a Senior Principal with Economic & Planning Systems, Inc., an urban economics consulting firm based in Oakland, California. EPS serves clients throughout the Western United States. Over his 45-year career as a land use planner and urban economist he has assisted cities, counties, special districts, non-profit entities, and private businesses with range of planning, organizational, fiscal and financial, regulatory, and real estate transaction matters. Over the past decade Walter has focused on housing policy and production as a consultant to State, regional, and local agencies.