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Geyserville Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2017
7:00-10:00 pm

Present: Paul Connors, Daisy Damskey Okaya Tatsuo and David Luebkeman

Absent: Ryan Petersen, Hal Hinkle

Public Meeting:

David Luebkeman, Committee Chair, gave an overview of the GPC mission and goals. He explained that our current goal is to find ways to have input and community involvement in the General Plan for our Region scheduled for 2020. He focused on the importance of the GPC being a proactive body working to create a vision for building and planning within the community and not being reactive. David also stressed the importance of Geyserville as the gateway to Alexander Valley and Dry Creek.

David listed the projects of Pocket Ranch, the proposed Gas/Truck Stop, and The Rose house Development. David reported there are no updates with the county on any of these projects. David reported that the GPC has voted unanimously that James Gore not recuse himself from the Gas Station/Truck Stop project. David stressed that Gore’s input is important in the protection and planning of our community.

The first presenter was Art Torano. Art and his wife have purchased the property on the corner of 128 and Geyserville Ave.

Art stated that he was currently working on drafts of a building that will be two stories and will be designed to fit into the community. Art presented a draft that provided both protection for the mural of Geyserville and provided light for the adjourning building. The for the Torano Building is to create a live/work arrangement with one or two apartments on the top floor and three shops below that will include one tasting room. Art is working closely with Cal Trans and has 7 or 8 spaces for parking included in his model. The plan for the Torano Building is to have all permits and plans approved for construction the spring of 2018. The site has been challenging because it is such an iconic site for the future look and feel of Geyserville. Art has looked toward the Steve Oliver buildings next to the fire station for inspiration. Daisy mentioned the presentation by Eric Drew this summer and the fact that Eric Drew’s design includes a second floor apartment. She suggested that Art might want to talk to Eric and see what is being planned so that the two buildings will complement each other when completed.

David introduced Victoria Heiges, founder of the Sculpture Garden in Geyserville. Victoria thanked Bryce Jones for the use of his lot for a permanent Galloping Horse Sculpture being built specifically for the site. All donations of 1,000 dollars or over will have the donors name placed within the instillation, providing a legacy for those who support the work of art. The horse is unnamed at this time.

Working Meeting:

David excused the meeting attendees and facilitated the private meeting of the GPC for the appointment of a new committee member.  Dallas Sanders was selected as the new appointee. Dallas is known for community and business development in Geyserville and has brought together a unified 95441 Merchants Association.

David and Paul Connors discussed the challenges of building a website for the GPC. Paul stressed the importance of creating a public presence for Geyserville that is both up to date and professional. David offered to find a solution before the next meeting, suggesting he would start by talking with Vickie Noris.

Daisy asked the committee to take up the work of distributing the survey that was funded and approved last June. Tats offered the suggestion of using SURVEY MONKEY, a program that he is familiar with in his leadership role as president of the Fire Department Board. Okaya Tatsuo is taking the lead in dissemination of the survey and David suggested we start with the roster for our meetings over the last six months. Daisy volunteered to have someone put the roster in a spreadsheet. Tat created a phone list for all GPC members before the group adjourned

Phone list:

Tats: 707-433-7100
Ryan: 707-529-2409
Hal 908-239-2332
David: 415-412-8551
Daisy: 7076-235-2196

Next meeting will take place on October 24