You may have noticed the shiny new tall green fencing along the outside width of the PG&E building on Geyserville Ave. This is a great example of how the Geyserville Planning Committee works for our community. About 18 months ago, PG&E applied for a permit through their contractor, to erect a new perimeter fence around their property. It is the job of the GPC to review permit applications within our town.

The first plan PG&E submitted to the GPC was for the same ugly old cyclone fence that was already there, but just a little taller and topped with wire, making it look like a detention facility. This was the entrance to our town and it had to look nice, especially since the PG&E property takes up a lot of real estate along Geyserville Avenue and creates a first impression of our community.

We knew they could do better than that! After several rounds of design consultation, submissions and public meetings, the Geyserville Planning Committee and PG&E agreed on the beautiful tall green fence you see today.

Much more costly to PG&E, but Geyserville is worth it!

Geyserville Planning Committee

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