The Geyserville Planning committee is responsible for the overall operation and fiscal integrity of the GPC:

  • Acts as a clearing house for community concerns and desires. ( See Geyserville Planning Committee Community Survey)
  • Plans Town Meetings and initiates other community gatherings.
  • Reviews and Recommends County building permit for PRMD for area covering the footprint of the Geyserville School District
  • Stays abreast of County governmental activities which affect Geyserville
  • Helps educate townspeople on local and County options
  • Stays in dialogue with County officials (such as Board of Supervisors, Planning Department, and the Regional Parks)
  • Interfaces with other civic groups in Geyserville

GPC Ad Hoc Committees serve for short term project support for work identified directly by the township through the Geyserville Planning Committee Community Survey.
Current volunteer support includes:

  • Developing a park for the town of Geyserville
  • Lighting, landscaping and sidewalks
  • SMART train implications and Trails and Rails possibilities
  • Interfacing and engaging underserved populations in Geyserville
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