The Geyserville Planning Committee was established in 1986 to assure that Geyserville, a non-incorporated township, would be a vital partner when working with Sonoma Counties governance structure: the Board of Supervisors and, most specifically, works with the Sonoma County Planning Department.  

Over the next several months, the Geyserville Planning Committee is focusing on Sonoma County’s’ housing element and inviting leaders in housing development to come to a community forum to educate citizens of Geyserville and surrounding communities about housing solutions for Northern Sonoma County.

Paul Connors, the president of the Geyserville Planning Committee, recently said, “Geyserville is a community that welcomes positive growth-our schools, business, and the Geyserville Planning Committee are open to ideas on how to meet the housing need.”

A leader in community building, Generation Housing, will be presenting to the public on September 27 at 7:00 PM. This community-wide meeting will be hosted by the Geyserville Planning Committee and held at the Northern Sonoma Firehouse in Geyserville.

Generation Housing has held numerous workshops over the past few months and will share its findings with attendees.

Generation Housing’s stated goal for Sonoma County is, “We envision vibrant communities where everyone has a place to call home and can contribute to an equitable, healthy, and resilient Sonoma County. Our partnership champions opportunities to increase the supply, affordability, and diversity of homes throughout Sonoma County. We promote effective policy, sustainable funding resources, and collaborative efforts to create an equitable, healthy, and resilient community for everyone.”

For more details: visit the GPC website or call (707) 235-2196

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