The Geyserville Planning Committee featured a video series on wildfire safety, featuring Chief Marshall Turbeville, an experienced professional from the Northern Sonoma County Fire District. In the first video which you will see below, Chief Turbeville expertly navigates crucial wildfire factors, offering essential guidance for personal safety.

As the wildfire threat persists, our ongoing vigilance is vital. Factors like vegetation dryness and wind can turn a spark into an inferno. Creating fire-resistant zones and clearing debris are key prevention strategies. Defending your home and establishing safe spaces can greatly enhance wildfire safety.

Chief Marshall Turbeville also provides insights on emergency planning, efficient evacuation, and necessary items for swift departure. He explores wildfire behavior intricacies, proactive measures, and community involvement in safeguarding what matters most.

In the second episode, Chief Marshall Turbeville explores the wealth of resources available to us for wildfire prevention. The core message underscores the significance of forging strong collaborations with various agencies to enact successful wildfire prevention strategies. These agencies are active at the local, county, and state levels. Coordinating with them can greatly bolster our capacity to protect our properties from wildfire peril. Chief Marshall Turbeville will provide an informative overview of the numerous initiatives and programs crafted to bolster this collective effort.

In the concluding episode, Chief Marshall Turbeville talks about the significance of neighbors assisting one another in the context of wildfire prevention.

A substantial portion of this video is dedicated to COPE: Communities Organized to Prepare for Emergencies. COPE’s mission is to aid residents, families, visitors, and neighbors in enhancing their preparedness to effectively respond to and recover from emergency situations.

Northern Sonoma County boasts a network of over 40 COPE communities that have collaborated diligently for numerous years. For more information about COPE, including details on initiating a chapter in your neighborhood, visit their website at

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