May 23, 2017

Geyserville Planning Committee (GPC)
Meeting Minutes – Public Meeting

Subject: Monthly Meeting


Committee: Conners, Damsky, Luebkeman, Okaya, Petersen. Absent: Dragos, Thompson
Public: Eric Drew, Devin Drew, Alan Cohen, Margie Hanselman, Margaret DiGenova (AmWater), Willie Lamberson, Gurpreet Chauhan, Hal Hinkle, Dallas Sanders, Brubaker’s

Old Business:

Date     Action     Minute

04/25/17   DDam    2. GPC Survey/Needs Assessment
04/25/17   DDam    3. Arrange/Confirm monthly meeting with Gore and County agencies. July 25 GPC meeting.
04/25/17   All          5. Discussion of jurisdictional area that GPC covers. Expansion beyond Unified School District.
04/25/17   PC         6. Develop space in the Chamber Newsletter. Create GPC website. Contact Vickie Norris.
04/25/17   RP         7. Obtain funds for GPC from Geyserville Foundation, Chamber & other.

New Business:

Item    Action     Minute

  1.  —    Overview – GPC is primarily focused on Land Use and Planning issues that affect Geyserville. Following the Articles of the 1983 Association we need to be more proactive and take a leadership role in the Geyserville area. We hope to expand our defined area to encompass the 95441 zip code.
  2. DDam    Willie Lamberson, BZA, submitted a copy of the draft “Geyserville Community Plan” RFP that the PRMD is going to submit to local planning firms to conduct a survey of our “small rural community”. The last study was published 1978. Jennifer Barrett, Deputy Planning Director, is our PRMD contact for this study.
  3. DL         Boundaries – The defined boundaries for the GPC is the Unified Geyserville School District,1983. Further study is needed to determine the boundary of Dry Creek Association and AVA. We need to meet with these two groups and reach a common focus with could transcend borders. The County will have to be involved in any changes. This also is critical to discussion related to the the General Plan 2020, Survey’s and overall community involvement.
  4. ED     21035 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville – Eric Drew owns the subject building and presented, with architect Alan Cohen, a renovation concept that seismically upgraded the building, essentially building a new building within the footprint of the existing 1901 structure, added a second level living unit and modified the parking at the rear. The project was well received by those in attendance. Another presentation will be scheduled after submittal to PRMD.
  5. —    Two Year Renewal of Minor Subdivision, Hal Hunkle application – This submittal sent to GPC as a formality and follows the procedural agreement we have with PRMD. No action required.
  6. —    3 Day Gourd Festival – Approved by PRMD. Again, following procedures for GPC review. No action. But encouraging for future Use Permits and neighbor concerns.
  7. —    95411 Merchants Group, Chamber of Commerce – Dallas Sanders introduced new group that focuses on commercial/retail activity in Geyserville. They represent business owners and are developing a plan for promoting and marketing Geyserville.
  8. —    California American Water – Margaret DiGenova is local supervisor for the new Geyserville water company. She informed GPC that requests for expansion and connections need to be submitted to company office in Sacramento. Water company will assist GPC in planning/land use issues.
  9. —    Geyserville Fire Department – Tatsuo, GPC member and President of the Fire Department Board presented a brief overview of the fire department. They are developing a long range strategic plan including 250 square miles of service area. The vision is to provide services in cooperation/coordination with Healdsburg, Cloverdale and Knights Valley.
  10. —    Geyserville Community Foundation – Hal Hinkle presented a brief update on current business including participation in a survey by 95441 Merchants Group, $100K land trust funds available in the foundation and possible “Conservation View Easement” in Geyserville.
  11. DDam    Report on County & PRMD – Daisy updated County business including development of County budget for next year and when completed they will schedule meetings with Advisory & Planning Committees serving the non-incorporated areas of the County.

1.   —   Meeting Agenda
June 27, 2017 @ 7:00pm – Grange Hall
Old Business from May 23, 2017
New Business – Presentations


David Luebkeman & Daisy Damsky
CC: Attendees

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