Draft of Minutes from Geyserville Planning Committee

July 25, 2017


Present: David Luebkeman, Ryan Petersen, Daisy Damskey, and Paul Connors

Absent: Okaya Tatsuo


Public Meeting:

Introduction-President David Luebkeman gave an overview of the progress that the GPC has made over the last few months. He spoke of the need to collaborate with both government agencies and local representatives from service groups to strengthen the effectiveness of GPC’s work. David presented a new mission statement for the committee and discussed the future work planned by the GPC including but not limited to working with James Gore to reach out to townspeople

In an attempt to better understand the vision Geysevillians have for their community. David announced we have two positions to fill on the GPC. David thanked Paul Connors for his work on the new Website and praised the work that has been done by Paul and the rest of the board in improving communication within the community.


David and Daisy confirmed that no new PRMD Submittals had been submitted to review.


Public Comment session: Comments about the proposed gas station centered on drainage and land use. David confirmed for the audience that no additional submittals of the Gas Station have been made. James Gore will be requested to provide follow up in his Geyserville appearance on August 22nd when he will be speaking at the GPC meeting.


Lou Parde spoke from the floor and told the audience and board that when he owned the property, now under question as a site for a gas station, he had looked into the viability of selling gas and found that it would be imposable to make money. Members of the community suggested we get an update from Jake McGee, the Sonoma County Reprehensive for the Gas Station. David confirmed we would have additional information Daisy Damskey, the PRMD contact person for the board, by the next meeting.


Paul Connors stressed the importance of the GPC and the fact that this is in fact, “basic democracy at it’s finest”.


GPC Working Meeting:

The committee members discussed replacing the two GPC members who have resigned. The members of the committee made the decision to diversify the GPC in order to represent more of the Geyserville citizenry. Currently we have two members from the wine Industry as well as three members who live in the Vineyard and surrounding area outside of the business district. It was agreed that seeking representatives from the downtown business community, as well as folks who are developing property within the township would add balance to the current GPC David Luebkeman nominated Hal Hinkle and after brief discussion and election among members of the GPC Hal Hinkle was appointed to the board. Hal will take over the duties of communication within the township and with other civic groups who should be a part of the planning process. In addition Hal will work on acquiring contact information for residents within the 95441 area code. Hal has a new tasting room in town as well as a winery plan that has been approved for development along River Road. Hal has an extensive background in business development and will be an important addition to the board.


It was decided that the GPC will wait until September to select the second appointee and will take needed time to find individuals that are both hardworking and can add to the diversification of the GPC. A business owner from the downtown district or someone with a background in business development was considered as a good candidate to broaden the scope of viewpoints within the GPC. Everyone was charged with thinking of candidates to be vetted by the group.


Daisy spoke to the group about the community based survey that has been funded by the Geyserville Foundation. It was agreed that the survey can go forward and the GPC voted to send the survey by mail while assuring that e-mails can be captured for future outreach and communication.


David suggested that we all attend meetings of the newly developed Community Councils. David attended the Dry Creek Association meeting and found it very helpful to see how other community group’s function. Paul and Daisy volunteered to attend a meeting before the August 22nd meeting of GPC.


The Friends of Pocket Ranch approached David for an audience with the GPC next meeting. After much discussion it was decided that David would contact Brian Kefir to see if any progress has been made in solving the issues surrounding the Pocket Ranch Spa and Retreat Center currently under planning in the hills above Geyserville. Ryan and Daisy suggested that all members of the discussion should be at the meeting and ground rules established for appropriate behavior. David will reach out to all players in the development and try to find a way that the community can learn more about the proposed development. Ryan stressed that it was critical that the fire department and other safety agencies would be consulted and hopefully a plan would emerge that would serve everyone’s interest.


It was agreed that Daisy, as the designated County Outreach representive of GPC would schedule a meeting or conference call with James Gore prior to the August meeting and that she would explore what James Gore sees important to address as we go into the fall.


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