June 27, 2017

Geyserville Planning Committee (GPC)
Meeting Minutes – Public Meeting

Subject: Monthly Meeting

Committee: Conners, Luebkeman, Okaya, Petersen.
Absent: Damsky, Dragos, Thompson
Public: Beth & Don Plumley, Dallas Saunders, Margie Hanselman, Leslie St. John, Candace & Kelly Williams, Van Maroevich, Albert Bracht, Robert Nicholson, Deborah Bertolucci, Martin Bernal-Hafner, Ralph Sceals, Cameron Mauritson, Ann Petersen, David Lawrence

Old Business:
Date       Action    Minute
04/25/17 DDam 2. GPC Survey/Needs Assessment
04/25/17 DDam 3. Arrange/Confirm monthly meeting with Gore and County agencies. July 25 GPC meeting.
04/25/17 All       5. Discussion of jurisdictional area that GPC covers. Expansion beyond Unified School District.
04/25/17 Resolved 6. Develop space in the Chamber Newsletter. Create GPC website. Contact Vickie Norris.
—           —         Update status at July 24th Meeting.

04/25/17 RP 7. Obtain funds for GPC from Geyserville Foundation, Chamber & other.

05/23/17 DDam 2. Willie Lamberson, BZA, submitted a copy of the draft “Geyserville Community Plan” RFP that the PRMD is going to submit to local planning firms to conduct a survey of our “small rural community”. The last study was published 1978.

05/23/17   DL    Boundaries – The defined boundaries for the GPC is the Unified Geyserville School District,1983. Further study is needed to determine the boundary of Dry Creek Association and AVA. We need to meet with these two groups and reach a common focus with could transcend borders. The County will have to be involved in any changes. This also is critical to discussion related to the the General Plan 2020

New Business:
Item Action Minute

1.      —        Discussion of PRMD submittals to GPC:

A. The Ranch – Sonoma. Public comments –
Monica Gewitz – In favor of project, has toured site, planning respects site and believes the facility would be an asset to Sonoma County.
Van Maroevich – Friends of Pocket Ranch (FOPR). Schedule project for future GPC meeting to discuss pro & cons.
Robert Nicholson – FOPR. Suggests July GPC Meeting for discussion of RRD zoning requirements.
Margie Hanselman – Would like to have analysis of Geyserville Fire Department regarding fire department access to site.
Kelly Williams, Ranch Manager – Fire Department has reviewed the project/site. No formal directive has been issued.
David Lawrence – FOPR. Stated that issues from the verified Use Permit, including the road improvements from River Road to the entry of the Ranch, are not resolved to date. Waiting for Marshal Turbeville’s comments. Characterizes current discussions with owner as considerations not negotiations. Concerned about this project setting precedent for future County projects in RRD zoning.
Recommends waiting for a Public/GPC Meeting/ presentation until issues are resolved.
Ryan Petersen GPC – Concerned that this discussion contains issues previously discussed and that the PRMD has final decision.
Dallas Saunders – Represents the Geyserville Business community. The project is good for local business and a benefit to the community.
Cameron Mauritson Planning Commission – Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) meeting scheduled in October to review project.

B. Dry Creek General Store: Public comments –
No Comments. Not in GPC official area.

C. Stuhlmuller Vineyards:
No Comments. Not in GPC official area.

2.     GPC     Debbie Bertolucci, Geyserville School Superintendent requested that she present the contents of the recently approved School Bond to the GPC at a future monthly meeting.

3.     —          Ralph Sceales – Alexander Valley Association – Ralph presented the AVA’s goals to promote the Alexander Valley, monitor activities and maintain stewardship of the land.

4.     —         Cameron Mauritson, Planning Commission – Stated that the selection of projects by PRMD for review by committees, e.g. GPC & Dry Creek Association/Advisory Group, may be more random than we expect.

5.     GPC    Anne Petersen, Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley Ann distributed a summary sheet of the functions of the Dry Creek Valley Citizens Advisory Committee (DCVCAC) and how the Board is selected. Also, a map of the boundaries of the DCVCAC. Ann expressed a concern that projects should only be addressed that are within the specific boundaries of each citizens committee, e.g. GPC boundaries are the Unified School District only. Overlaps are redundant and are a wasted effort. Ann stated she has expressed this to the DCVCAC Board.

6.    PC       Committee Business: Paul to continue the development of the website with Vicki Norris and organize the Mailing List. He will retrieve the mail addresses of residents in the Unified School District, send card requesting e-mail address from residents and then create master list for use in GPC distribution.
DL DL to speak with Kevin and Dan regarding GPC participation and attendance.

7. — July Meeting
July 24, 2017 @ 7:00pm – Grange Hall
Old Business from June 27, 2017
New Business – James Gore


David Luebkeman
CC: GPC Attendees only

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